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Smart Hiring Begins Before the Interview

Still only accepting paper applications? With so many job seekers heading online to find employers, recruiting today requires paper and electronic applications to reach many candidates. More importantly, the recent state-level regulatory trend increases the complexity of trying to ensure your applications stay compliant. Our attorney-developed Job Applications Smart App is the easiest way to accept employment applications online. And you can have confidence you are always in compliance with the most current hiring laws for your state.

Expand Your Recruitment Reach Without Crossing into Illegal Territory

The Job Applications Smart App from HRdirect lets you create your online employment application to collect the right information and connect with candidates. Here's how:

  1. Start with Your State-Compliant Job Application
    Your Smart App provides you with the most current job application specific to your state. Whenever there’s a change to your state’s requirements, you’ll be notified. Your application will then be automatically updated to reflect the most up-to-date, compliant version.
  2. Safely Make It Your Own
    If you choose, you can customize your job application by selecting optional questions pre-written by the legal and HR experts at ComplyRight. So you can be sure you’re asking about the exact skills and background required for the job.
  3. Connect with Candidates
    With one click, generate a link to your job application or email it directly to a candidate. Then, without needing to create an account or download any software, the applicant completes the application, attaches a résumé and cover letter, and sends it back to you.
  4. Streamline the Next Steps in Hiring
    A tracking and summary view makes it simple to stay up to date with an applicant’s status and see all submitted applications at a glance. With just a click, digitally file and retain rejected applications or, if hired, start the employee’s electronic personnel file.
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Ask What You Want Like an HR Expert

Beyond the required job application questions, you can include questions about skills and qualifications, educational background, references, and other information related to the position. The experts at ComplyRight have created a comprehensive database of questions that make it easy to stay in compliance while still giving you the flexibility to hire smarter – faster. You won’t need to worry if the way you've worded a question is legal or not. Just choose which pre-made questions you’d like to keep or hide on the application.

Accept Employment Applications Online

Works the Way You Do

Your Job Applications Smart App makes it easier than ever for you to get applications to your candidates. From within the Job Applications Smart App, you can distribute your online employment application through a variety of ways:

  • Sharing a link anywhere online
    Not web savvy or experienced with HTML? Instantly create a link to your application to share or add it to your website, company LinkedIn profile, email signature, online ad, etc.

  • Sending a personalized email
    Have a candidate in mind? Email your application with a personalized message to a specific candidate right from within the Job Applications Smart App.

  • Printing paper copies
    Have frequent walk-ins? Print unlimited copies of the application to hand out or have completed when you bring someone in for an interview. It's the best of both worlds!

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Confidential and Compliant

Did you know that employers are required to maintain all applications for a specified period as proof of non-discrimination? Your Job Applications Smart App guides you through the proper retention and removal of rejected applications in compliance with current regulatory requirements to protect and defend your business should you face a discrimination charge.

Conveniently and Legally Expand Your Recruitment Reach with the Job Applications Smart App!