You Don't Need Everything — You Need the Right Thing


If you’re looking for a comprehensive (rhymes with expensive), hiring-to-firing and everything-in-between all-in-one HR software system, then stop right here. You’re in the wrong place. If, instead, you think there should just be an easier way to complete these dreaded, but necessary, employee management tasks, then welcome!

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Employee Records, the first of many Smart Apps made to simplify employee management, is now available. Move your employee recordkeeping online – for FREE!


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Introducing HR You Won’t Hate!

Research reveals that managing administrative and HR tasks are two of the top three most “hated” tasks for small businesses. That’s why all HRdirect Smart Apps are designed to help you quickly do just what needs to get done so you can get back to more rewarding tasks.

To start, we give you a FREE employee recordkeeping app that takes just minutes to set up and lets you immediately:

  • Connect to frequently used employee information instantly
  • Allow employees to manage and update their own information so you don’t have to
  • View and share employee information with other team members as you choose
  • Avoid duplication of data and effort as you begin using other Smart Apps for your HR tasks

Simply Smarter HR

You don't need everything: Most online HR software or HRIS systems are designed for the complexities, aspirations and budgets of larger businesses. And though they may claim to support smaller, independent business managers/owners, they still push an all-in-one package, or require commitment to their other services such as benefit plans, payroll or financial systems. At HRdirect, we offer a smarter solution.

You need the right thing: HRdirect Smart Apps give you the flexibility to complete tasks and solve problems on the spot. It’s the efficient, affordable and modern way to complete employee management and HR compliance tasks without compromising your other business priorities.

Keeping Pace with Your Needs Today and Tomorrow

HRdirect has been actively delivering a full catalog of “Solutions for Smart Employers” for more than 30 years. Now, as our customers continue to move more of their essential business practices online, we’re picking up our pace to re-invent how these solutions support your business today. Each Smart App is designed to help you address a specific employee management goal, allowing you to decide when and whether it is relevant to your business.

The HR Recordkeeping [R]evolution Begins Here

The 2017 National Small Business Compliance Survey by ComplyRight found that more than 70% of small business employers are still using traditional methods - like sticky notes and paper calendars - to manage and complete employee recordkeeping tasks.

The move to modern HR software has been slow. Many solutions have become increasingly complex and more expensive, making it difficult for businesses to make the switch. We want to change that.

The HR Recordkeeping Revolution
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The HR Recordkeeping Revolution

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