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I-9 & W-4

Simplify Your
Onboarding Process

With the administration's high priority on immigration enforcement, it's crucial for employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of new hires, promptly and accurately. Otherwise, your business could pay thousands of dollars in fines. Our I‑9 & W‑4 forms software protects you from making costly mistakes while guiding you through an easy, completely paperless onboarding process.


How it Works

Streamline Completing I-9 and W-4 Forms

Forget the 15 pages of instructions explaining Form I‑9. Through our guided process, completing forms is fast, easy and accurate — giving your new hires a head start, before they even walk in the door.

With just 4 easy steps, you can onboard new employees and fully comply with federal filing requirements:

  • Send the I‑9 and W‑4 to Your Employee

    Enter your employee's email, name and hire date to send them a link via email to get started filling out their forms.
  • Your Employee Fills Out Their Forms

    Using our guided questionnaire, employees enter their information into their forms to ensure accuracy.
  • The Forms Are Sent Back to You

    You'll be emailed a link to begin reviewing the completed forms and receive a notification of the status in the app.
  • You Review & Complete Their Forms

    Now all that's left is for you to complete the remaining form sections to finalize them, save them, and print.

Compliance during the onboarding process has never been easier. Best of all, one price allows for unlimited usage, regardless of the number of employees.

Feature Spotlight

Effortless & Compliant Employee Onboarding

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Meet Required Timelines

Timely completion of I‑9 and W‑4 forms is more important than you think, especially in today’s political climate. Due to the time-sensitive nature for completing these forms, we’ll send you helpful reminders and notifications to make sure they are completed within USCIS and IRS timeframes — so you can avoid any potential penalties.

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Get Rid of Bulky Paper Files

Employers are required by law to retain completed I‑9 and W‑4 forms for a certain amount of time. However, if you’re like most businesses, your file cabinets probably don’t have the space to jam in one more form — another good reason to go paperless! Our online storage feature gives you the flexibility to store unlimited documents in one convenient central location. We’ll also notify you when it’s safe to discard forms for past employees.

form i-9 and w-4 cloud storage

Store Personnel Files Quickly and Easily

Eliminate the clutter and clean up how you store employee information in seconds. Keep all types of documents, organized by employee, in one central location — safely and securely online. You can upload into individual employee profiles in no time at all.

Ongoing Updates & Compliance

As with all HRdirect Smart Apps, our I‑9 & W‑4 app is continually updated to ensure compliance with USCIS and IRS recordkeeping and retention laws.

Recent I‑9 & W‑4 Updates:

  • The USCIS released a new version of the Form I‑9 on January 31, 2020. As of April 30, 2020, all previous versions of the Form I‑9 are invalid.
  • The IRS released a 2020 Form W‑4 which is different from the previous 2019 version. By law you are required to have the latest W‑4 Form on file at all time.
  • The Department of Homeland Security published a final rule on June 17, 2020, increasing fines for I‑9 paperwork violations.

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