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Company Policies

Easily Create and Communicate Company Policies

Getting your company’s policies down in writing then in front of employees makes setting expectations easier, but creating an employee handbook can be very time‑consuming. The Company Policies Smart App helps your business create, manage and share attorney-approved employment policies in minutes. Effortlessly maintain the right tone at your company while improving accountability.


How it Works

Always Up to Date, Always Accessible

The Company Policies Smart App helps companies meet the policy management challenges. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose Prewritten Policies and Customize

    Based on your state selection, we’ll provide you with a library of federal and state‑specific policies pre-written by our HR and legal compliance experts. Choose and customize the policies that apply to your business.
  • Publish One or All Policies at Any Time

    After you’ve finalized your policies, you can notify employees to view them online — or print them out to distribute. You have the flexibility to add new policies or update a policy at any time.
  • Track Your Policies

    Whenever you update and distribute your company policies, you can view if they were shared with an employee and track when the employee viewed them. This helps you check that all employees have received the most up‑to‑date versions of your company’s policies.
  • Respond to Emerging Trends and Concerns

    When new issues surface, they may need to be addressed on the spot and through updates to your policies. Our HR experts monitor and add new policies as they become available.

Feature Spotlight

Set and Keep the Right Tone at Your Company

Full Range of Policies that Reflect Your Business Priorities

Our labor law attorneys have pre‑written editable templates, featuring some of the most relevant categories:

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Compliance
  • Conduct and Standards
  • Safety and Security
  • Technology
  • Time Off
  • And more

Recently updated with COVID-19 related policies including Infectious Disease and Temporary Remote Work.

Improve Accountability with Automated Tracking

You’ll enjoy peace of mind through automated tracking. At a glance, see when and which employees last viewed your policies. If you notice that your employees haven’t reviewed them, it’s easy to send another email to hold them accountable.

Fluid Communication for Your Modern Business

Online policies are easier to use than paper copies because you can issue a policy reminder to an individual employee just by sending them an email to review the policy online. Have employees without Internet access? You can quickly print copies to hand out, as well.

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