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Still tracking employee time off, vacations, and sick time with a spreadsheet or paper form? This web-based Attendance Calendar makes it easy to keep track of your employee attendance and quickly spot troubling attendance patterns at a glance. It's easy-to-use like a paper calendar, but backed by the benefits of software.


How it Works

Easily Identify Absenteeism Patterns

No more guessing as to when or why your employees are out. See with black and white clarity as to when employee attendance (and performance) start slacking. Here's how:

  • Select an Employee Calendar

    Each employee has a yearly and monthly attendance calendar view that makes it easy to capture and monitor patterns. You'll start by selecting the employee to see theirs.
  • Pick the Day of the Event

    Next, you'll click directly on the calendar day you want to mark a full or partial absence for, just as if you were making a note on a paper calendar.
  • Choose an Absence Reason

    From there, you'll pick an absence code to describe the reason for the absence or tardy, or create your own. Additionally, you can record your own notes.
  • Enter their Hours Absent

    Optionally, you can track vacation and sick time (or as a single PTO bank) with each absence to keep management of their time banks as easy as possible.

It's that simple! And only takes seconds to maintain on a daily or weekly basis. With absence records at your fingertips, you'll be prepared to discuss attendance problems any time with documented credibility to justify a disciplinary action, validate unpaid wages or share your honest concern with an employee.

Feature Spotlight

Attendance Tracking Software for Small Businesses

compliant absence codes

Compliant Absence Codes for Any Reason

Are your employees taking a personal day? Serving jury duty? Nursing the family hamster back to health? Whatever the reason (or excuse), you can track it. Pre-set absence codes ensure your approach is fair and consistent, as recommended by our HR experts. Need additional codes or to refer to an event by a different name at your business? It’s simple to create your own.

time off tracking

Time Off Tracking That Won't Make You Want to Call in Sick

Need to track your employee time off usage from a static time bank? Enter in your employee's available PTO, Vacation or Sick time banks to automatically calculate their remaining hours saving you time from having to do the math yourself. This makes it easy to refer back to when they ask how many hours they have left. Perfect for small businesses without complex accrual programs.

paperless attendance calendar

Reliable, Paperless Recordkeeping

Ditch the bulky paper attendance folders and binders to maintain records longer and more securely in the cloud. Permission settings guarantee only select supervisors have access to view or edit records. More importantly, one-click PDF download and print options give you a way to share with an employee offline.

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