State-Of-The Art Encryted Apps

Keeping your Data Secure is a Priority

Because we understand and share your concerns about online security, we invite you to learn more about how we ensure the HRdirect Smart Apps Web-based software.

From Login to Logout

Our Security Measures

Secure Data & Transmission

All employee and account information is password‑protected and encrypted using the highest encryption standards available. Further still, your sensitive data is routed through impenetrable firewalls to prevent outside threats.

Secure Infrastructure

Your encrypted data is automatically backed up and stored in multiple geographic locations. Our advanced servers are housed in world‑class, Microsoft Azure‑certified data centers that adhere to strict international and industry‑specific compliance standards.

Secure Software & Monitoring

When it comes to reliability and saftey, the software is as important as the overall system. Our expert engineers carefully design our applications to eliminate potential vulnerabilities upfront, and then regularly audit and test them for ongoing security.

Data Retention

You can be confident that we have restrictive account access guidelines in place. That means we'll only access your information if it's absolutely necessary for customer support, as approved by you. And we'll never make any changes or updates without notifying you in advance.