Progressive Discipline

Your Guide to an Effective Employee Discipline Program

Addressing employee misconduct is uncomfortable at the best of times, but with the right tools and an action plan, it is possible to turn the situation around. Take control of employee discipline with the Progressive Discipline Smart App. This Web-based app will serve as your guide to building a consistent documentation process that enables you to have smarter, more constructive conversations with all employees.

Document and Communicate Employee Issues Easily and Fairly

Using the Employee Warning Notice as your guide, you'll be better prepared for more effective conversations with a plan to help turn the problem around. Plus, you’ll effortlessly practice fair and consistent documentation practices for all employees. Here's how:

  1. Select an Employee
    Just click on the employee you want to issue a disciplinary warning for. If you're already using other Smart Apps, there's no additional setup required. If you're new to Smart Apps, adding employees takes just a few minutes.
  2. Document and Describe the Warning
    Track all relevant details of the warning like date, time, type of violation, and describe the incident.
  3. Build a Progressive Discipline History
    Choose what point in the process of discipline this warning is: Warning, Probation, Suspension, or Termination. Then, document consequences should the incident occur again. This process automatically documents the progression of disciplinary actions per employee in a single, convenient view.
  4. Have a Conversation with the Employee
    It's critical that you have a conversation about the issue with the employee and a witness. Then, sign off when the discussion occurred. There's even space for notes about the discussion.
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Have Better Discussions About Employee Issues

Take the focus off of the person and onto the problem with an objective, regulated approach designed to support your company's highest objectives. When you’re better prepared for a difficult discussion, you’ll be more comfortable and so will your employees. Once you’ve worked through the Employee Warning Notice form, print it out and use it as your guide during the discussion for a more productive, constructive experience so you both can understand each other better and increase the likelihood of improvement.

Employee Discipline Documentation

Fair and Consistent Documentation Is Crucial

Document disciplinary or performance issues, follow-up actions, employee statement and possible consequences with a consistent process that helps ensure fair treatment for all employees. If termination is necessary, this documentation is crucial should legal disputes arise proving you discussed the issue with the employee multiple times and gave them ample opportunity to improve.

Employee Warning Notice Template Software

Be Smart: Bring a Witness

Discipline is a rare case in employee management where it's not best to keep it strictly confidential. An employee may refuse to sign a warning notice or deny it later anyway. That's why the legal and compliance experts at ComplyRight recommend meeting with the employee and a witness. The Employee Warning Notice leaves space to document the witness's name. Then in a legal dispute, the witness can confirm in your defense that proper disciplinary communication occurred.

Have More Constructive Employee Conversations and Improve Documentation with Progressive Discipline!