Employee Records

Smarter, Centralized Employee Management

While financial tasks rank #1 as the most hated by small businesses, administrative and HR tasks come in a close second and third. That’s why HRdirect Smart Apps created Employee Records. This easy‑to‑use, Web‑based app makes managing employee information quick and simple. We’ve even made it easy to get started in just a few minutes, rather than the hours, days or weeks that other HR software for small business may require.

Once you get going, you can add information and start using the features of the app at your own pace. And because it’s free, you really can’t afford not to give it try!

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How it Works

Connect to Employee Information Instantly

Find what you need, the moment you need it. All employee information is available in one place. As the account administrator, you'll have complete access to your staffs' electronic personnel files which include:

  • Employee Profile

    full name, nickname, birthday, photo
  • Home & Work Information

    mailing address, phone, email
  • Job Details

    title, department, location, supervisor
  • Emergency Contacts

    name, email, mailing address, phone
  • Payroll Details

    salary, pay rate, overtime classification (FLSA)
  • Healthcare Coverage

    enrollment date, cost

For your convenience, there’s also an open area for note-taking to record important information regarding an employee — whether it’s performance review summaries, disciplinary action or discussions you’ve had for future reference.

Feature Spotlight

Give Your Staff Access to Their Employee Records and Give Yourself One Less Thing to Do

Free up your day by allowing employees to access their own personnel records without bothering you — through designated Permission Groups. With this timesaving feature, you'll be able to control what they can see and what they can do. Depending on their permissions, your staff will be able to perform a variety of functions, such as:

  • View their own employee profile
  • Update their own personal information
  • Look up work emails and colleagues' phone numbers

Find Employee Information Fast

We make it easy to find what you're looking for. You no longer need to dig through stacks of folders or stuffed filing cabinets. We have filtering, sorting and search options to help you quickly find what you're looking for. When the results come in, you'll see just what you need — saving you time from rifling through unwanted information.

Store Personnel Files Quickly and Easily

Eliminate the clutter and clean up how you store employee information in seconds. Keep all types of documents, organized by employee, in one central location — safely and securely online. You can upload into individual employee profiles in no time at all.

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