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As an employer, you face a barrage of ever-changing labor regulations issued at the federal and state level, and increasingly at the local level. The Poster Guard 1 Smart App lets you maintain compliance with these requirements through one simplified online resource focused on your company and specific location. And Poster Guard 1 also provides you with laminated posters covering all of your mandatory posting requirements, shipped right to your door when regulations change.


How it Works

Everything You Need and Need to Know

Getting into compliance, and staying that way has never been easier. Here's how it works:

  • All Required Federal, State and Local Posters Are Shipped Right to You

    To ensure you are in full compliance with the postings required for your specific location, your laminated posters will be sent to you immediately. You’ll receive email notification of shipment and can log into the Poster Guard 1 app for tracking, delivery verification and detailed posting instructions.
  • Constant Monitoring and Immediate Updating Whenever Posters Change

    Your posters will never become out of date because we monitor all regulatory agencies, including more than 20,000 cities and counties, and automatically ship you updated posters whenever mandatory changes occur. We even guarantee your posters remain 100% compliant with all federal, state and local regulations -- or we’ll pay your fine.
  • Mandatory Handouts Provide Additional Protection

    In addition to postings, many agencies require employers to provide informational handouts to employees upon hiring or based on specific requests or actions taken. Any handouts applicable to your business location are also provided with the Poster Guard 1 app, along with simple instructions about how and when to use them. You simply print and distribute them to employees whenever needed.
  • Everything You Need to Know for Complete Compliance

    Complete compliance is not limited to mandatory postings and handouts. Agencies issue other regulations affecting employers that extend beyond what you’re required to hang on the wall or hand to an employee. Poster Guard 1 notifies you when any of these change as well, and you can log in anytime to review complete details of all current regulations affecting your specific location.

Feature Spotlight

The Premier Posting Updates Service

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Our Legal Team Understands Your Business

Poster Guard 1 is backed by our in-house legal team with more than 50 years of experience dedicated to understanding and protecting businesses like yours. We pay close attention to all the details and complexities of employment law compliance and interpret the requirements to make it easier for you to comply.

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Keeping Pace with Growing Regulations

Many other compliance services do not cover the full range of requirements that may affect your locations, particularly at the local level. Over the past few years, local regulations have grown at a rate that far outpaces changes at the state and federal level. We constantly monitor all agencies at all levels and immediately notify you of any changes that may affect your business.

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Only What You Need

As with all HRdirect Smart Apps, Poster Guard 1 is sized right for your business. We know where you operate and deliver the resources that apply specifically to you. You don’t have to wade through regulations that may or may not apply to your location, or interpret the requirements on your own.

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