The Recordkeeping [R]evolution Begins Here

Are you ready to make the move to online recordkeeping and reap the rewards? According to the 2018 Online HR Software Trend Survey by ComplyRight, 21% of small businesses have moved to the cloud to manage employee recordkeeping tasks. And this number is growing!

Joining the HR Recordkeeping [R]evolution has never been easier or more affordable. Start by checking out the resources below - and when you’re ready, sign up for your free Employee Records app.

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Introducing The HR Recordkeeping [R]evolution Academy

Learn the essentials of human resource recordkeeping with these practical, intuitive courses written by legal and compliance experts. Ideal for small business owners without HR staff, this material provides a solid foundation for managing employee recordkeeping quickly and easily in the cloud.

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Each course includes five articles and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

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Making the Switch to Online Recordkeeping

Learn the essentials of shifting your paper records to the cloud, including:

  • How to Know When You're Ready
  • Which Solution(s) to Use
  • The Most Effective Way to Make the Switch
  • Do's and Don’ts of an Effective Change‑Over
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Organizing Your Onboarding Recordkeeping

Learn about mandatory onboarding documents for new hires, as well as:

  • How to Complete Documents Correctly
  • Answers to Questions about I‑9 & W‑4 forms
  • Recent Updates to the Primary Onboarding Forms
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The Job Application Journey

Learn the ins and outs of job applications, including:

  • Why They Are a Critical Component of the Hiring Process
  • Current Laws Enforced on a State‑by‑State Basis
  • What Makes a Job Application Compliant
  • Questions to Avoid on an Application
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Ace Attendance Recordkeeping

Become an attendance advocate for your employees by learning about:

  • Federal and State Employee Leave Laws
  • The Impact of Excessive Absenteeism
  • How to Document and Address Attendance Issues
  • How to Curb Costly Absenteeism at Your Business
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Detailed Disciplinary Recordkeeping

Learn how to properly discipline employees by learning about:

  • Behaviors that Warrant Discipline
  • Differences Between Disciplining At‑will and Contracted Employees
  • The Proper Steps to Correct Undesirable Behavior

Learn HR with the Experts

ComplyRight's HR Solutions Manager, Jaime Lizotte

Jaime Lizotte

As the HR Solutions Manager of ComplyRight, Jaime brings her multi-product management experience to forward-thinking HR processes and solutions. Her career in HR began in 2007 as an HR manager at a small marketing firm. Extremely passionate about HR, she is full of ideas to improve HR in small businesses. She is focused on developing next-generation products to replace traditional HR solutions, making HR management easier for employers.

Compliance Attorney at ComplyRight, Shanna Wall

Shanna Wall

Shanna supports legal research and content for the product development of next generation HR/compliance solutions at ComplyRight. Since graduating from St. Thomas University, School of Law, Shanna has practiced law for over 10 years. She is a licensed attorney in Florida and Illinois. Her background also includes B2B sales and marketing as well as firsthand experience as a small business owner.

Switch to modern HR Solutions with HRdirect Smart Apps

MORE THAN 79% of small business employers still use traditional employee recordkeeping methods.

The 2018 Online HR Software Trend Survey by ComplyRight found that more than 79% of select employers rely on sticky notes and paper calendars for routine employee recordkeeping tasks. Switching to modern HR software is a smarter alternative … but it’s typically complex and costly for small businesses. Not anymore! HRdirect Smart Apps is an easy, affordable option.