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Ashley Kaplan

By: | Jan 25, 2019
With each passing year, keeping up with labor law posting changes becomes more complicated and difficult to manage. More and more laws are being passed on the state and local level, particularly cities and counties, granting expanded protections to employees. In 2018 alone, we experienced a flurry of new laws covering issues like minimum wage,... read more
By: | Sep 12, 2018
Labor law poster compliance is a serious matter, yet it’s often an oversight for small business owners. Instead of landing at the bottom of your to-do list, mandatory workplace postings should be an ongoing priority. In addition to the federal posting requirements every U.S. business must follow, there are a handful of nuances to be... read more
By: | Jul 25, 2018
When it comes to labor law compliance, small business owners may not realize workplace postings are a federal and state requirement. For those people who are aware, they may think that putting up a few posters on a breakroom wall each year is sufficient. Unfortunately, it’s not this simple. Posting compliance is a complex undertaking... read more
By: | Jul 23, 2018
Labor law posters are confusing for small business owners. What are they? Why do you need them? What do you have to display? What if you don’t? The biggest challenge is trying to tackle postings on your own. It’s not an easy process, so I understand the avalanche of questions that small business owners face.... read more
By: | Jul 17, 2018
You’ve gotten the message loud and clear: To comply with federal and state labor laws (and inform employees of their rights), you must display certain postings in the workplace. But did you know these postings may not be enough? Employers also are required by law to personally distribute various notices to employees. These notices cover... read more
By: | Jun 27, 2018
It’s the law Yet you’d be surprised how many small businesses ignore the importance of workplace labor law postings. They mistakenly think that no one is checking these posters, or that the chances of getting “caught” are low. What these employers underestimate is the growing awareness workers (and their attorneys) have about employee rights. All... read more