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Time & Attendance

Not keeping track of employee time and attendance can lead to issues with productivity and performance. In this category we share tips and examples of how to manage time off requests, employee absenteeism and other employee management factors.

By: | Mar 25, 2019
It seems like just yesterday when small business owners deployed the high-tech system of strategic sticky-note placement to track employee time-off requests and absenteeism. You remember, Jeff was on blue stickies next to the stapler, Gina was yellow piled under the “Best Boss” trophy, and Terry was pink behind the rolodex. And don’t forget the... read more
By: | Feb 20, 2019
Let’s get right to the point: There’s a smart way to approach employee attendance monitoring and a lazy way. While one (the turn-the-other-cheek method) may seem easier and less confrontational, the other (easy-to-use apps) helps you save money, hold employees accountable and improve morale. Which do you prefer? The turn-the-other-check method is simple: Do nothing... read more
By: | May 09, 2018
Unscheduled absences are a huge concern for cost-conscious nonprofits. By disrupting workflow and draining productivity, these absences can cost you thousands of dollars each year. But there are solutions! First, it may be time (ahem!) to kick off a paid time off (PTO) program. Employees juggle multiple non-work responsibilities — and inevitably will need (and... read more
By: | May 03, 2018
The Time Off Request Smart App simplifies the request-and-approval process. Employees submit requests electronically, then the app notifies you of the request so you can approve or deny it from anywhere you have Internet access. Requests are stored in the employee’s history so you’ll never lose another time off request again. And it’s only $60... read more
By: | May 01, 2018
If you think that offering your employees paid time off is a luxury your business can’t afford, you may want to think again. Paid time off is a highly desirable employee benefit that can help your business remain competitive, mainly by attracting and retaining quality employees. Not only that, but it can also help you... read more
By: | Oct 16, 2017
Although you expect workers to miss a certain number of days each year, you’re dealing with a different situation if that time is unscheduled, excessive or not properly captured. And under federal, state and local laws, you have to excuse certain absences and possibly even pay for the missed time. Track and monitor your employees’... read more