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The Smart Apps blog aims to educate and inform business owners on the benefits of using small business HR software for essential tasks. Whether it’s attendance, online hiring or employee recordkeeping, the HRdirect Smart Apps suite of tools has your small business covered.

By: | Oct 17, 2018
Placing ads … reviewing resumes … collecting applications … conducting interviews … checking references … It’s no wonder so many employers dread hiring! It’s a complicated undertaking with multiple stages to manage. That’s why more and more employers are relying on applicant tracking systems to turn that chaos into a consistent, cohesive process. What is... read more
By: | Jul 25, 2018
Pull It All Together with the Poster Guard 1 Smart App Don’t get lost in a maze of mandatory labor law posting compliance! You need clear direction and an easy-to-use resource. The Poster Guard 1 Smart App draws from the expertise and innovation of Poster Guard® Compliance Protection to cover all your federal, state and... read more
By: | Jul 18, 2018
Product promotions typically tout all the things “XYZ” does. But that’s not always the whole story. What something doesn’t do can make it exactly right for your needs. Take an applicant tracking system (ATS). For a clean, succinct way to capture, track and hire top-notch candidates, you don’t need a complicated service with lots of... read more
By: | May 23, 2018
If you’re the head of a nonprofit, you’re well aware of the financial challenges that make it difficult to achieve your mission. You don’t have the big budget that for-profit companies do, so you understand the need to operate efficiently and spend every dollar wisely. Manual processes and sifting through large volumes of paperwork are... read more
By: | May 15, 2018
This article was updated on 6/10/2019. When your small business is hiring, it takes awareness and action to avoid the more common legal missteps. Take the all-important job application. In the article, “Does Your State Ban the Box with Job Applications? What You Need to Know,” we discussed the trend of states restricting employers from... read more
By: | May 07, 2018
You asked it during our Why HR Should Matter to Small Businesses Now More than Ever Webinar, now we’re answering it! Listen to the recording to get answers to your toughest questions that we weren’t able to cover during the webinar. Plus, get exclusive insights and even more guidance from labor law attorney, Shanna Wall,... read more