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The Smart Apps blog aims to educate and inform business owners on the benefits of using small business HR software for essential tasks. Whether it’s attendance, online hiring or employee recordkeeping, the HRdirect Smart Apps suite of tools has your small business covered.

By: | Jun 06, 2017
You’re a small business owner with limited resources. You’ve been comfortable using manual (paper) employee management tools for years and don’t feel the need to upgrade. You may think you’re fine, but the truth is these antiquated processes may be hurting your business. Sometimes we forget that the function of human resources is to manage... read more
By: | Mar 21, 2017
When it comes to data protection and privacy, it’s safe to assume the bad guys are out there lurking. In recent years, it’s no secret that thieves have stolen personal data from millions in security breaches at major retailers. Think your small business is TOO small to be a target? In a recent survey, 82%... read more