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HR Recordkeeping Revolution

70% of small business employers still use traditional methods of recordkeeping despite modern cloud-based HR software solutions. Our posts in this archive cover the benefits of switching to modern tools to help streamline efficiencies for your small business.

By: | Nov 21, 2018
When most small business owners hear “HR software,” a little voice inside their heads chimes in: Too expensive! Technology scares me! Like I have time for that! Logical reactions, right? The fact is, the right HR software isn’t expensive, isn’t techy and doesn’t take much time to learn. So how do you go about identifying... read more
By: | Apr 23, 2018
Nonprofits are skilled at maximizing every resource at their disposal in an effort to make the world a better place. One sensible economic tactic may involve bringing in volunteers along with regular, paid employees. Volunteers are vital to a nonprofit’s success, but they also bring with them occasional discipline problems. The big question: When faced... read more
By: | Feb 15, 2018
Slowly, but surely, a change is taking place in workplaces across the U.S. Instead of clinging to conventional employee management methods, small businesses are switching to modern, cloud-based HR software. They’re replacing sticky notes, paper calendars and handwritten forms with easy-to-use online options — and reaping the timesaving, efficiency-boosting rewards. As a Smart Apps user,... read more
By: | Jul 11, 2017
Myth or fact? The world is flat. The sun revolves around the Earth. Ink on paper is the only legally acceptable signature. Strange as it seems, all three were once believed to be true. Today, all three are most definitely myths, and the last one may surprise you. Many small business owners believe ink signatures... read more
By: | Jun 06, 2017
You’re a small business owner with limited resources. You’ve been comfortable using manual (paper) employee management tools for years and don’t feel the need to upgrade. You may think you’re fine, but the truth is these antiquated processes may be hurting your business. Sometimes we forget that the function of human resources is to manage... read more
By: | May 09, 2017
Whether it’s a hobby in your personal life — or a workflow process at the office — are you an “all-in” type of person? Or do you approach something new with more caution, preferring to break it down into calculated steps? Take the paperless office. Eliminating manual recordkeeping processes may seem like a giant leap... read more