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Still using traditional paperwork for employee recordkeeping? In this category we share best practices and guidelines for transitioning to paperless HR and cover important documents such as forms I-9, W-4 and more.

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By: | Aug 18, 2017
“Should I photocopy or scan employee documents?” This is a question I receive a lot regarding the Form I-9 process. Small business owners understand the importance of completing this mandatory form, but they’re not sure if they should keep copies of the documents new hires provide. The short answer: You can ... but you don’t... read more
By: | Aug 07, 2017
For the second time in less than a year, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released a new Form I-9 to verify the U.S. work eligibility of new employees. This latest revision, which was released on July 17, 2017, must be used by all employers beginning September 18, 2017. After this date, all... read more
By: | Jun 30, 2017
A couple of months ago, I held a webinar on the updated Form I-9 and how to conduct an internal business audit. Although the live presentation was chock-full of insight and guidance, I received more than 350 questions from participants. I get it: the Form I-9 can be confusing for even the most informed and... read more
By: | Jun 20, 2017
Knowing how to fill out an I-9 form correctly is the most important aspect of immigration compliance. When it’s done correctly, your completed I-9 forms are your best proof of compliance and your key defense against government fines and lawsuits. And even if all of your employees are legally authorized to work in the United... read more
By: | Jun 13, 2017
This article was last updated on 6/7/2019. If you’re a small business owner, you already know that the mandatory Form I-9 is tricky to complete. The I-9 is necessary to verify an individual’s right to work in the USA — and requires a careful review of specific types of identification within three days of an... read more
By: | May 23, 2017
This article was last updated on 5/22/2019. You’ve made it through the recruiting, interviewing and selection process — and now you have a bright new hire in your midst. It’s day one and you have high hopes your new employee will hit the ground running. But wait! Before you bring your new hire onboard, you... read more