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Paperless HR

Transitioning from traditional HR tasks and recordkeeping to a cloud-based HR solution doesn’t have to be a challenge. At HRdirect Smart Apps, our goal is to help you streamline HR tasks through automation, saving you time and money so you can focus on growing your business.

By: | Feb 13, 2019
Everything is moving to the web these days – shopping, movie-watching, even job application management. Say what? It’s true. In our ever-evolving world of technology, you can now customize a job application that meets the specific needs of your business and manage the entire process from the comfort of your desktop. Even better: The right... read more
By: | Feb 06, 2019
Handling employee management and HR tasks is a big part of running a business. Although you know it’s important, you have more pressing matters to attend to – like servicing customers, marketing to prospects and increasing sales. Managing manual processes and large volumes of paperwork can make these tasks even more time consuming. So how... read more
By: | Nov 05, 2018
If your company is still using paper job applications or emailed resumes, your hiring process is missing the mark. Sifting through hundreds of applications is time consuming and ineffective – especially if they’re incomplete, hard to read or lacking essential information. Using an online job application tool can streamline the process and get your job... read more
By: | Oct 17, 2018
Placing ads … reviewing resumes … collecting applications … conducting interviews … checking references … It’s no wonder so many employers dread hiring! It’s a complicated undertaking with multiple stages to manage. That’s why more and more employers are relying on applicant tracking systems to turn that chaos into a consistent, cohesive process. What is... read more
By: | May 23, 2018
If you’re the head of a nonprofit, you’re well aware of the financial challenges that make it difficult to achieve your mission. You don’t have the big budget that for-profit companies do, so you understand the need to operate efficiently and spend every dollar wisely. Manual processes and sifting through large volumes of paperwork are... read more
By: | Apr 24, 2018
Clients often ask me the best time to hire a Human Resources manager. If you’re a small company – generally 30 to 50 people – you probably don’t need a single, dedicated person for this role. Nonetheless, even if you only have one or two employees, you can’t overlook the importance of HR. In fact,... read more