If your company is still using paper job applications or emailed resumes, your hiring process is missing the mark. Sifting through hundreds of applications is time consuming and ineffective – especially if they’re incomplete, hard to read or lacking essential information.

Using an online job application tool can streamline the process and get your job opening in front of more candidates faster. For example, you can quickly add a job application link to your website or send it to a candidate via email or text, providing a modern, digital way to collect applications.

76 percent of U.S. applicants prefer to apply for a job via a company’s website, according to an international survey of more than 23,000 job seekers by PotentialPark.

Consider these six ways online job application and applicant tracking software can improve your hiring process:

1. Connect with more applicants

Putting your job application online makes it easier to reach more candidates. With a simple tool like the Job Application Smart App, you can quickly create a link to your job opening, without needing any HMTL or website development support. Plus, you can share the application link on social platforms and job websites or by email with selected candidates. Without an online job application, you could be missing out on qualified candidates who conduct their job search online.

37 percent of job candidates will move on to another company if they can’t find a job opening listed on your website. – CareerBuilder

2. Make applying easier and more responsive

A simple online application form, especially one that doesn’t require applicants to create a password or download anything, and that works well on mobile, will improve your candidate submission success. In today’s fast-paced hiring environment, you’re at risk of losing applicants to other job listings if your application process is too cumbersome. Using an online app can also help to shorten your response time so you don’t miss out on great candidates.

40 percent of job seekers will leave a website that is not optimized for mobile. – CareerBuilder

3. Reduce internal time and costs

An online app can help reduce the time you and your hiring staff spend sifting through resumes. Instead of managing long email chains, wading through spreadsheets and risking attachments being lost in email, you’ll have an easy way to manage the entire process online. For example, the Applicant Tracking app lets you add and track candidates so your team can see who meets the criteria you’re looking for and track where each candidate is in the process. The Applicant Tracking app’s uniform 5-star rating system also helps your team evaluate candidates effectively and legally so only the most qualified applicants are offered positions.

4. Simplify candidate management

Keeping track of where each candidate is in your hiring process, and who’s assigned to (and completed) each hiring stage (Interview, Drug Test, Background Check, Reference Check, etc.) can get cumbersome, especially when you have multiple job openings with candidates in various stages. An online app with tracking and a summary view makes it easy to stay up to date with an applicant’s status and ratings at a glance. With just a click, you can digitally file rejected applications or, if hired, start the employee’s electronic personnel file.

5. Ensure legal compliance

When you are writing a job description or conducting an interview, it’s easy to make minor mistakes, which can end up being costly. Keeping up with the latest changes in labor laws — and avoiding potentially risky screening questions — is easier when you have a good support tool that stays updated. With a selection of questions developed by legal and HR experts, online apps like the Job Application Smart App can help ensure you keep your application questions compliant and effective.

6. Keep records safe

Relying on paper applications or email transmissions can leave you open to security risks. (Oops, was that resume just accidentally copied to another candidate)? But using a secure online app helps keep confidential employment files safe and organized – and available only to those with access. Job applications and applicant qualifications can be viewed by authorized users from anywhere.

Asking about a candidate’s age, gender, criminal history or physical disabilities on a job application form is illegal. You can steer clear of potential problems by using the Job Application Smart App with screening questions approved by a legal expert.

It All Adds Up to Greater Hiring Success

Relying on online hiring tools like the Job Application app , which can accept online and mobile submissions, and the Applicant Tracking app, which helps you manage candidate status and communications, can dramatically improve your hiring process. Used together, they save you time and make it easier to find and hire the right candidates for your business.

Key Takeaways
  • A simple online job link makes it easy to share job openings and acquire new applicants.
  • Having all candidate information in one central place keeps it secure and accessible to authorized viewers.
  • Candidates will move on to other companies if your hiring process is too slow or cumbersome.
  • Using online job application and applicant tracking software speeds up the process to help put 5-star applicants within reach.
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