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Paperless HR

Transitioning from traditional HR tasks and recordkeeping to a cloud-based HR solution doesn’t have to be a challenge. At HRdirect Smart Apps, our goal is to help you streamline HR tasks through automation, saving you time and money so you can focus on growing your business.

By: | Jan 01, 2018
If you’ve stepped off the conventional paper trail for faster, more efficient electronic recordkeeping, congratulations! You’ve taken a smart, timesaving approach to the type of “busy work” most small business owners and managers dread. But just because you’ve put paper in the past doesn’t mean you can ignore the rules. Shifting from paper to online... read more
By: | Aug 18, 2017
“Should I photocopy or scan employee documents?” This is a question I receive a lot regarding the Form I-9 process. Small business owners understand the importance of completing this mandatory form, but they’re not sure if they should keep copies of the documents new hires provide. The short answer: You can ... but you don’t... read more
By: | Jun 06, 2017
You’re a small business owner with limited resources. You’ve been comfortable using manual (paper) employee management tools for years and don’t feel the need to upgrade. You may think you’re fine, but the truth is these antiquated processes may be hurting your business. Sometimes we forget that the function of human resources is to manage... read more
By: | May 09, 2017
Whether it’s a hobby in your personal life — or a workflow process at the office — are you an “all-in” type of person? Or do you approach something new with more caution, preferring to break it down into calculated steps? Take the paperless office. Eliminating manual recordkeeping processes may seem like a giant leap... read more
By: | Apr 04, 2017
Not all HR software is created equal. There are two basic types for small business owners: software you purchase and install on a computer or software that lives in the cloud and is accessed through a website. Though the functionality is basically the same, cloud-based HR software offers significant advantages over its installed counterpart. If... read more
By: | Mar 28, 2017
A paperless office may sound great, but is it actually possible? Don’t you need to keep hard copies of records, even if they’re stored online? Although many small business owners believe the road to electronic recordkeeping is strewn with paper, it’s simply not true. The reality is that a paper-free environment is not only possible,... read more