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Helpful HR Guidelines

By: | Nov 07, 2018
If your business picks up at certain times of the year — or you need to cover employees taking time off for the holidays — you may turn to seasonal workers to fill the gap. Before you create a job application or hang a sign on your business’s front window, however, consider the special circumstances... read more
By: | Sep 12, 2018
Labor law poster compliance is a serious matter, yet it’s often an oversight for small business owners. Instead of landing at the bottom of your to-do list, mandatory workplace postings should be an ongoing priority. In addition to the federal posting requirements every U.S. business must follow, there are a handful of nuances to be... read more
By: | May 09, 2018
Unscheduled absences are a huge concern for cost-conscious nonprofits. By disrupting workflow and draining productivity, these absences can cost you thousands of dollars each year. But there are solutions! First, it may be time (ahem!) to kick off a paid time off (PTO) program. Employees juggle multiple non-work responsibilities — and inevitably will need (and... read more
By: | Mar 05, 2018
Managers often find disciplining employees and making termination decisions challenging. With every decision you make, there’s risk of a lawsuit. Even the most experienced supervisors encounter stress and anxiety during the process. Having a clear idea of proper disciplinary and termination procedures can prevent you from making costly mistakes. The more you know about how... read more
By: | Feb 26, 2018
Before terminating an employee, a manager must carefully prepare to prevent misunderstandings and accusations of illegality. Handling the actual firing session must be done with care. How you treat the person could determine if he or she feels wronged enough to file a lawsuit — even if it has no merit. Be prepared to answer... read more
By: | Jan 15, 2018
People often think of discipline as something negative. It’s what you do to correct the behavior of children or dogs when they misbehave. But discipline is also a positive force that helps you achieve your goals. Consider top athletes and high-achievers; it’s not just skill that makes them successful, but also discipline. No personal success,... read more