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Your HR Questions Answered

By: | May 15, 2018
This article was updated on 6/10/2019. When your small business is hiring, it takes awareness and action to avoid the more common legal missteps. Take the all-important job application. In the article, “Does Your State Ban the Box with Job Applications? What You Need to Know,” we discussed the trend of states restricting employers from... read more
By: | May 07, 2018
You asked it during our Why HR Should Matter to Small Businesses Now More than Ever Webinar, now we’re answering it! Listen to the recording to get answers to your toughest questions that we weren’t able to cover during the webinar. Plus, get exclusive insights and even more guidance from labor law attorney, Shanna Wall,... read more
By: | May 01, 2018
The word “discipline” triggers a whole series of emotions for small business owners. There’s that knot-in-the-stomach moment when you realize you need to address a problem, followed by confronting the employee with the issue and then dealing with potential repercussions. It’s far from enjoyable, but addressing misconduct immediately, clearly and consistently is important if you... read more
By: | Apr 03, 2018
Digital filing system. Office automation. Cloud-based administration process. Although the terms sound rather technical, the objective is quite simple: an updated, ultra-efficient, paperless business. There are various ways to go about it, but before you can put paper behind you, you need to know if it’s a good idea for your business. Here are the... read more
By: | Mar 19, 2018
If you own a small business, you know that handling employee time-off requests can be a tough task. Though employees need to have time away from work for a variety of reasons, you’re faced with the challenge of striking a perfect balance between approving requests and maintaining productivity in the workplace. Without clear procedures and... read more
By: | Dec 25, 2017
This article was updated on 11/29/2018. In a growing number of cities and states, employers are banned from asking job seekers about their salary history during the job application and hiring process. On January 1, 2019, Connecticut and Hawaii will become the latest states to make salary history questions illegal — joining Vermont, Massachusetts, Oregon,... read more