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By: | Apr 11, 2019
The Race is on: Don't Let Those Five-Star Candidates Slip Away There are numerous factors at play when recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees. Today, the job market functions with increased speed due to new electronic tools and tactics. Employers must update their recruitment and hiring process, or they will risk lagging behind their competitors.... read more
By: | Jul 25, 2018
Pull It All Together with the Poster Guard 1 Smart App Don’t get lost in a maze of mandatory labor law posting compliance! You need clear direction and an easy-to-use resource. The Poster Guard 1 Smart App draws from the expertise and innovation of Poster Guard® Compliance Protection to cover all your federal, state and... read more
By: | May 07, 2018
You asked it during our Why HR Should Matter to Small Businesses Now More than Ever Webinar, now we’re answering it! Listen to the recording to get answers to your toughest questions that we weren’t able to cover during the webinar. Plus, get exclusive insights and even more guidance from labor law attorney, Shanna Wall,... read more
By: | May 03, 2018
The Time Off Request Smart App simplifies the request-and-approval process. Employees submit requests electronically, then the app notifies you of the request so you can approve or deny it from anywhere you have Internet access. Requests are stored in the employee’s history so you’ll never lose another time off request again. And it’s only $60... read more
By: | Apr 19, 2018
Whether you attended the Why HR Should Matter to Small Businesses More than Ever Webinar held on May 3, 2018 at 3PM or not, you can watch the video below for a replay of what went down. Need a refresher on what the webinar was about? Why HR Should Matter to Small Businesses More Now... read more
By: | Feb 15, 2018
Slowly, but surely, a change is taking place in workplaces across the U.S. Instead of clinging to conventional employee management methods, small businesses are switching to modern, cloud-based HR software. They’re replacing sticky notes, paper calendars and handwritten forms with easy-to-use online options — and reaping the timesaving, efficiency-boosting rewards. As a Smart Apps user,... read more