Disciplining employees is challenging for even the most experienced supervisor. That’s why a clear and organized process is so important. It can remove some of the anxiety — and even prevent a costly legal mistake.

For discipline to be effective, you want to give your employee the chance to correct the problem. Yet there needs to be a limit on how many times someone breaks the rules. That’s where progressive discipline comes in. With this approach, employees get a series of warnings — each imposing a higher level of discipline — before termination.

Progressive discipline notifies employees of the issue, gives them an opportunity to improve and warns them of the consequences of not improving. It also creates a record of the issue and actions — essential documentation that can protect your business in a legal dispute. Your policy and procedures may differ, but here’s an example of the appropriate way to handle a typical progressive discipline situation.

Progressive Discipline App

Manage Disciplinary Problems Effectively

Protect yourself from allegations of wrongful termination with the Progressive Discipline Smart App. Document incidents, create reports and communicate the justification for disciplinary action to employees in total confidence — all while minimizing confusion and conflict.