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By: | Jul 25, 2018
Pull It All Together with the Poster Guard 1 Smart App Don’t get lost in a maze of mandatory labor law posting compliance! You need clear direction and an easy-to-use resource. The Poster Guard 1 Smart App draws from the expertise and innovation of Poster Guard® Compliance Protection to cover all your federal, state and... read more
By: | May 03, 2018
The Time Off Request Smart App simplifies the request-and-approval process. Employees submit requests electronically, then the app notifies you of the request so you can approve or deny it from anywhere you have Internet access. Requests are stored in the employee’s history so you’ll never lose another time off request again. And it’s only $60... read more
By: | Feb 05, 2018
Disciplining employees is challenging for even the most experienced supervisor. That’s why a clear and organized process is so important. It can remove some of the anxiety — and even prevent a costly legal mistake. For discipline to be effective, you want to give your employee the chance to correct the problem. Yet there needs... read more
By: | Nov 22, 2017
You want to hire the best person for the job. What you don’t want to do is use a non-compliant job application that doesn’t include mandatory language — or asks inappropriate questions. Many businesses simply aren’t aware of which questions can be considered illegal to have on employment applications. In the HRdirect Small Business Hiring... read more
By: | Oct 16, 2017
Although you expect workers to miss a certain number of days each year, you’re dealing with a different situation if that time is unscheduled, excessive or not properly captured. And under federal, state and local laws, you have to excuse certain absences and possibly even pay for the missed time. Track and monitor your employees’... read more
By: | Jun 20, 2017
Knowing how to fill out an I-9 form correctly is the most important aspect of immigration compliance. When it’s done correctly, your completed I-9 forms are your best proof of compliance and your key defense against government fines and lawsuits. And even if all of your employees are legally authorized to work in the United... read more