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Hiring & Onboarding

The hiring process is one of the first impressions job candidates have of your business operations. From job applications to interviewing and new hire documentation, it’s often too easy for critical steps to go overlooked.

Make sure your hiring and onboarding process is streamlined or it could cost you losing out on a great candidate!

By: | Dec 22, 2017
This article was updated on 12/28/2018. Across the nation, laws restricting employers from asking job candidates about criminal histories are on the rise. As of September 2017, more than 150 cities and counties and 29 states have adopted laws that limit what you can ask job applicants. Known as “ban-the-box” legislation, the new rules are... read more
By: | Dec 18, 2017
We’ve all heard stories of job interviews gone bad — from awkward, cringe-worthy encounters to sensitive situations where hiring managers overstepped their legal bounds. Yet interviewing isn’t the only hiring activity fraught with danger. If you’re using a “do it yourself” job application you created on the fly (or a generic one you downloaded online),... read more
By: | Dec 04, 2017
Your job advertisement is pulling in resumes by the boatload. The “thumbs-up” pile has some promising prospects. Sweet. Now all that’s left is to interview and hire, right? Not so fast. Spiffy resumes that radiate glowing candidate qualities and experiences may not provide the details you need to properly qualify a potential hire. To capture... read more
By: | Nov 27, 2017
During the hiring phase, federal, state or local laws can prohibit employers from asking applicants certain questions that may be considered discriminatory. Let’s look at the questions that can land you in hot water — and legal alternatives. If you’re ever in doubt as to whether a question is prohibited, visit the Equal Employment Opportunity... read more
By: | Nov 22, 2017
You want to hire the best person for the job. What you don’t want to do is use a non-compliant job application that doesn’t include mandatory language — or asks inappropriate questions. Many businesses simply aren’t aware of which questions can be considered illegal to have on employment applications. In the HRdirect Small Business Hiring... read more
By: | Aug 28, 2017
Proper completion of the Form I-9 is a must to satisfy workplace immigration laws — and to avoid government fines if you’re ever audited. But it’s not unusual for even the most conscientious employer to make mistakes. Here’s a handy checklist of what to fill out — and troublesome areas to doublecheck — to ensure... read more