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The Smart Apps blog aims to educate and inform business owners on the benefits of using small business HR software for essential tasks. Whether it’s attendance, online hiring or employee recordkeeping, the HRdirect Smart Apps suite of tools has your small business covered.

By: | Apr 24, 2018
Clients often ask me the best time to hire a Human Resources manager. If you’re a small company – generally 30 to 50 people – you probably don’t need a single, dedicated person for this role. Nonetheless, even if you only have one or two employees, you can’t overlook the importance of HR. In fact,... read more
By: | Apr 19, 2018
Whether you attended the Why HR Should Matter to Small Businesses More than Ever Webinar held on May 3, 2018 at 3PM or not, you can watch the video below for a replay of what went down. Need a refresher on what the webinar was about? Why HR Should Matter to Small Businesses More Now... read more
By: | Aug 14, 2017
Would you elect to have brain surgery from a med student? Choose a commercial airline staffed solely by flight school pilots? Invest your retirement savings in a neighborhood investment club? Though each of these examples has people somewhat qualified for the task at hand, chances are you’d prefer an experienced neurosurgeon, tenured pilot or successful... read more
By: | Jul 25, 2017
Many small business owners stick with safe and reliable manual paper processes for managing HR needs — despite the existence of technology that streamlines activities and enhances efficiency. Why? Most often, it’s fear of the unknown. Common cries of resistance include, “There’s no time to learn something new!” and “I can’t afford new technology!” If... read more
By: | Jul 11, 2017
Myth or fact? The world is flat. The sun revolves around the Earth. Ink on paper is the only legally acceptable signature. Strange as it seems, all three were once believed to be true. Today, all three are most definitely myths, and the last one may surprise you. Many small business owners believe ink signatures... read more
By: | Jun 30, 2017
A couple of months ago, I held a webinar on the updated Form I-9 and how to conduct an internal business audit. Although the live presentation was chock-full of insight and guidance, I received more than 350 questions from participants. I get it: the Form I-9 can be confusing for even the most informed and... read more