When most small business owners hear “HR software,” a little voice inside their heads chimes in:

Too expensive!

Technology scares me!

Like I have time for that!

Logical reactions, right? The fact is, the right HR software isn’t expensive, isn’t techy and doesn’t take much time to learn.

So how do you go about identifying the right HR software? Glad you asked.

Don’t Be Bound by the 80/20 Rule

You know the rule that states 80 percent of sales are driven by 20 percent of customers? The same rule applies to responsibility in a small business: 80 percent of productivity is managed by 20 percent of staff. And, if you have only five employees, that 20 percent is most likely you.

I mention this for one simple reason: You can’t do it all. That’s why it makes sense to find employees, partnerships, solutions and, yes, even HR software that puts more time in your day.

There are tons of options when it comes to managing HR resources. Some solutions are cloud-based, where others are installed on your computer by loading software from a disc. There are comprehensive systems that cover every HR need under the sun, and there are single-purpose solutions that help you address a targeted need. Some are easy to use, and some require training. And, finally, some are expensive (think thousands of dollars), and some can be purchased for the same amount you spend on lattes over a few weeks.

Hopefully, you’re noticing a trend here. Cost-effective options that help you do more with less do exist. As you know, the smartest investment a small business owner can make is one that allows them to spend more time focused on what they know best: running their business.

Find Solutions that Make You Look Like a Pro

When you wear many hats already, that’s easier said than done. But this old adage doesn’t simply apply to hiring staff or finding mentors. What if the HR software included a team of experts to complement your daily efforts? Not all providers offer this backbone support, but some do. Locate these providers because they become an extension of what you do.

Business leaders spend 16 hours a week on manual tasks.
The top time-waster: HR requests.

-Today’s State of Work: At the Breaking Point (2017) from ServiceNow

We all know that manual HR tasks are time consuming. So why do many companies (both big and small) continue to rely on processes that are easily replaced by software? Habit is one answer, but there’s an underlying trust factor, too. Choosing to move to a paperless process often feels like giving up control. Or worse, giving control to someone else.

When you shift to cloud-based HR software, you still have access to your HR information from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. There is no chance of data getting lost or misplaced since it’s centrally located. This ease of access should be a top priority from a software provider. In addition, the right cloud-based software allows you to designate certain HR tasks to supervisors, even permitting employees to enter and manage their own data. Sharing responsibilities with others is a tremendous time-saver, so it’s an important benefit.

Strength in Numbers Provides the Support You Deserve

The value of using cloud-based HR software is clear. Selecting the ideal provider isn’t always easy, though — especially if you can’t squeeze one more thing into your already busy day of manual HR reporting!

Refine your search by asking questions about the software’s security features, compliance knowledge and time-saving enhancements. To get the biggest bang for your buck, you should expect the software provider to deliver robust technical and compliance support, too.

At the end of your search, you’re interested in identifying (and then implementing) HR software that creates efficiencies, protects your interests and, most importantly, puts more time in your day. You want to make the best choice … the right choice.

Expert HR Tools and Resources Are Readily Available

We recognize most small businesses juggle multiple responsibilities, with limited time and budget. That’s why we offer simple and smart HR software built for small business needs and budgets. HRdirect Smart Apps assist you with a variety of employee management tasks, from employee records and attendance tracking to hiring and performance. Each app functions independently or seamlessly with other apps, giving you the flexibility to choose exactly what you need without investing in a complex HR system.

We also offer resources to guide you every step of the way. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of electronic solutions – and what it takes to use them in your own workplace — check out our free e-book, Who Has Time to Manage HR? You Do! It’s chock-full of straightforward, practical guidance on how to simplify your HR processes.

Key Takeaways
  • You can’t do it all — choose software that puts more time in your day.
  • Look for providers that offer a resource you need vs. a comprehensive solution that may bog you down.
  • Ask the right questions to help you identify a quality service provider.
  • Select software providers, like HRdirect Smart Apps, that offer technical and compliance support via on-staff resources.
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