Are you struggling to pull together all the pieces of the hiring puzzle? From gathering resumes to scheduling interviews, it can be difficult to stay organized and compliant.

Turn the situation around with an applicant tracking system (ATS) … the RIGHT ATS.

You’ll find that many systems emphasize recordkeeping over time management and compliance. While proper recordkeeping is vital for other HR tasks (and the online tools related to them) — such as progressive discipline, time off management, attendance tracking and new hire paperwork — it serves a lesser role with applicant tracking.

The Applicant Tracking app is different. It features a practical, uniform workflow to simplify the hiring process and prevent legal missteps. Most important, it focuses on tracking, rather than recordkeeping, to help you capture winning, 5-star candidates as quickly as possible.

Five Reasons to Use the Applicant Tracking Smart App

The Applicant Tracking app can make your hiring process more efficient and compliant in a few key ways:

1. Enables consistent, risk-free evaluations.

A built-in 5-star rating system allows interviewers to rate their overall perceptions in a consistent, similar manner. Not only does this help you compare applicants fairly, it also removes the possibility of basing decisions on irrelevant, potentially illegal factors.

2. Keeps the hiring process moving.

By guiding you through the appropriate stages of hiring, such as interviews, employment testing and reference checks, the app helps you keep track of where an applicant is in the hiring process. Automatic notifications let you and your hiring managers know when a stage is complete or when a task is awaiting response.

3. Makes hiring more efficient.

A single shared online activity stream gives everyone access to the same workflow and information, keeping the process organized and visible. At a glance, anyone you delegate can check on an applicant’s status, execute a stage of the process, rate the candidate and prepare for next steps.

According to, 64% of small businesses considering ATS purchases currently rely on manual methods such as spreadsheets and email to handle applicant tracking.

4. Improves communication.

An ATS makes it easy for hiring managers to share feedback on candidates in a compliant way, as well as communicate with candidates throughout the process. No more chasing down people for their input – or leaving candidates guessing as to where they stand. The app provides simple email templates to reach out to schedule an interview, request additional information or send an offer.

5. Ensures compliance.

Along with laying out an orderly hiring process, the Applicant Tracking app provides an added level of legal protection. It does this by restricting the type of information you can enter when completing a stage. For example, you can’t write detailed comments/notes after an interview, which can appear discriminatory. (Many other ATS providers permit notetaking, which is a big no-no.)

Streamline Your Hiring Process for Better Results

With the Applicant Tracking Smart App, you can modernize your approach, speed your process and present a professional image to candidates without investing tons of time or money. With the ability to track an applicant’s progress at their fingertips, your team has a powerful tool to select the right person for the job.

Key Takeaways
  • Automating the hiring process saves time and increases efficiency
  • A consistent candidate scoring scale helps remove bias
  • Consolidated feedback contributes to faster, better decision making
  • Recordkeeping isn’t the primary focus of an effective ATS, tracking is
  • Our Applicant Tracking app concentrates on workflow and tracking to help you capture the right candidates
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