When it leads you to the right people, hiring is extremely rewarding. But if your hiring process is too lengthy, complicated or disorganized, you may miss out on the most valuable candidates. You need a roadmap to ensure you cover all the necessary steps in an efficient, orderly and legally sound way.

Enter the new Applicant Tracking Smart App, a simple, affordable tool for your small business to identify and track 5-star candidates. Through a series of pre-set stages, it helps you get organized and speeds up your internal process, so you can welcome the right hire, faster.

Although a completely new product from HRdirect Smart Apps, this app follows the theme of previous apps, transforming a typically time-consuming and paper-intensive process into a refreshingly simple online solution. It features a concise workflow and a means to collaborate and interact with everyone on your hiring team. And because consistent communication and proper follow-through with candidates is important, you can contact applicants directly through the app.

Consistency Coupled with Compliance Safeguards

Did you know that 42% of small businesses consider hiring to be their biggest challenge? Then there’s the frustration of bringing on a bad hire, despite your best efforts. A Monster study revealed that 62% of small businesses owners have made a wrong hire.

Clearly, help is needed. With clean, uncomplicated functionality, the Applicant Tracking app is dedicated to the hiring process itself. It creates a logical sequence – from entering an open job position and assigning applicants to the position to managing each applicant through a clean, efficient progression. Additionally, the Job Application app works with the Applicant Tracking app, allowing you to provide a fully compliant job application that can be shared through a link, posted on your website or printed out.

When it comes to hiring, staying above the law is as critical as getting organized. The hiring process is fraught with legal risks, especially when employers make careless or uninformed decisions. Therefore, the app includes an area of protection for employers by restricting the type of information they can enter when completing a stage. For example, after conducting an interview, you’ll be asked to rate the candidate on a 5-star system, rather than enter comments/notes. Not only is this a simpler method for measuring candidates, but it also eliminates the possibility of entering details that could be deemed discriminatory.

A Closer Look at a Smarter, More Efficient Process

Tracking and evaluating candidates among multiple decision-makers can be daunting. But with a single, shared activity stream, everyone can access the same workflow and information. You and your hiring managers can collaborate every step of the way, up until the employee’s first day on the job.

With Applicant Tracking app, employers can:

  • Create any open positions in their company to track applicants against (applicants not assigned to an open position will automatically be placed in a “general consideration” category)
  • Input an applicant’s information directly into the app, including their resume and other supporting documents (if applicants are received through the companion Job Application app, their information will be available immediately)
  • Advance through the appropriate stages of hiring, including Initial Review, Interview, Drug Testing, Offer, Background Check, Pre-Employment Testing and Reference Check
  • If preferred, assign different stages to different hiring managers and skip over the ones that are not needed
  • As stages are completed, have the designated individual input information, such as the 5-star rating with interviews
  • Track important dates and/or communicate directly with the applicant
  • Decide on the perfect candidate with just a click and send an offer email
  • Handle key details up the first day of work, with tracking of the offer acceptance and background check results, as well as creation of the employee’s personnel record

Get on Track with Great 5-Star Candidates

You want the right person for the job … not a frustrating undertaking that sends you in a hundred different directions. And you certainly don’t want that 5-star candidate to slip away! The new Applicant Tracking app helps you get organized, while ensuring legal compliance through every essential stage of your hiring process. With a nod toward ease and simplicity, it creates a consistent, collaborative system that supports your hiring efforts from job opening to offer.